Midas Franchise Business opportunity | A Best franchise opportunity in USA

Discover the full information about MIDAS Franchise, A name in the Franchise Business that you can Trust!

Midas Franchise Business opportunity | A Best franchise opportunity in USA
Midas Car repair Franchise

Quick Introduction to Midas Franchise Business

Since its founding in 1956, Midas has expanded to over 2,100 sites globally. Since Michelin & Sumitomo now hold Midas, tires have been added to their already sizable revenue stream.

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Top Reasons to Own a Midas Franchise Business Support System for Midas Franchise Business
Qualification Required for Midas Franchise Business Final Conclusion 

Overview of the Midas Franchise Business:

Information Value
Minimum Cash on Hand $75,000
Total Investment $218,650 - $539,512
Franchise Fee $35,000
Financing Available Yes, third-party financing is available.
Part-Time / Full-Time Full-time
Awards Trusted by customers since 1956, Midas was voted America's Best Customer Service by Newsweek.com and is ranked #1 in Auto Service by Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for 2023.

There has never been a better opportunity to profit from a thriving auto repair sector using the Midas franchise business model. Owners of modern cars are keeping them on the road for longer than ever, an average of almost 12 years*, in part because of improved designs and more advanced technology. However, these advancements also mean that owners are on more and more on the knowledge and skill of the Midas staff to maintain the peak performance of their cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Best Franchise opportunity- Midas car Repair Franchise

Joining the Midas brand family will give you access to a variety of revenue streams, such as fleet services, tire sales and installation, and automotive services, placing you at the forefront of our sector, which is resilient to economic downturns. The best part is that your Midas vehicle service franchise will be the go-to place for high-quality auto repair and more because of our parent company, TBC Corporation, which has more than 100 distribution centers across North America.

Top Reasons to Own a Midas Franchise Business:

We're no passing fad—a Midas auto repair company has over 60 years of proven track record! For you, what does that mean?

  • A Proven Business Model: We've already set the foundation with tried-and-true methods and procedures, so managing your franchise doesn't need as much guesswork.
  • Expert Support: We can assist you with marketing, purchasing power, merchandising and inventory management, site selection and development, and much more!
  • A Reliable Brand: Communities are already familiar with and trust our name, which makes it much simpler for you to launch and expand your mechanic franchise in order to swiftly satisfy the demands of your neighborhood.

Midas Car Repairing Franchise in USA

See and Judge the Popularity of MIDAS Franchise Business:

  • The yearly net income of the top 25% of Midas locations is around $1,575,574 on average.
  • The yearly net income of the lowest 25% of Midas sites is almost $569,411, on average.
  • We have sites around the US in all 49 states as well as eight Canadian provinces.
  • National fleet accounts will help you increase your revenue.
  • You'll have entry to a huge supply chain and distribution network.

The Growth and Market Cap of Auto Repair Industry:

  • The Auto Repair Industry's Annual Value: $419 billion or more.
  • Cars Stay On The Road In The US: 12+ Years
  • Vehicles On the Road in the US: 288M+

So I say that the auto car repair industry is always growing and never going down.

In addition to being a well-known and respected brand, Midas is a part of a vital sector of the economy that is resilient to economic downturns in ways that other industries cannot. Automobiles are loved by people, and they are being driven farther and faster than ever.

Several Services Equal Several Sources of Income:

  • Brake Servicing
  • Tire Replacement
  • Suspension Systems Repair
  • Oil Change
  • Wheel Alignment
  • AMC or Scheduled Maintenance

What MIDAS Provides to its Franchise Owner:

TRAINING & SUPPORT: Lack of prior vehicle repair business experience? Not a problem! Regardless of background, almost anyone can benefit from a Midas automobile franchise opportunity thanks to our extensive pre-opening training and continuous assistance.


Our advertising campaigns bring customers to your door!

Our extensive experience spanning several decades in the vehicle maintenance sector has enabled us to create superior branding that connects with local communities. Our nationwide marketing and advertising campaigns have memorable messaging and a unified appearance on all platforms, including social media, in-store displays, and television commercials. We use the potential of our brand to assist you in locating your ideal client by employing an integrated strategy.

Who are the ideal candidate for MIDAS Franchise Business:

  • Are Self-driven and independent learners.
  • Are concentrated on the experience of the client.
  • Able to guide a group and provide a model.
  • Are friendly and community-oriented.
  • Are ready to learn and follow our proven processes
  • Are prepared to fully commit and assume responsibility for their business!

What you must do after opening the MIDAS Franchise Business:

You can rely on our best marketing efforts on your behalf, ongoing R&D, professional advice whenever you need it, networking possibilities, and the assurance that comes with partnering with a well-known industry leader!


In conclusion, we have provided comprehensive information about the MIDAS car repair franchise. It's essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully. While the business is simpler to run and offers scalability, potential investors should be mindful of the limitations imposed by franchisor control, which may restrict the expansion of a large business. Ultimately, the decision to invest rests with you. From my perspective, this appears to be a promising franchise opportunity in the USA. However, it is crucial to conduct thorough due diligence and make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and expectations. 

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